Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Meditator

Life lives in the
long wide spaces
that stretch to a
in the far distance
where your breath
pulls in and moves out.

You try to focus as
a rushing world distracts you
like whispers from
the back row of the theatre
that make you miss
a look, a word, a clue,
perhaps, the play itself.

And as you breathe into
that open vent of light,
your thoughts babble
and chatter offstage,
streaming layers
that continue to unravel

You wonder about people
who meditate twice a day,
how easily do they pass
those wide open spaces
in an instant, to reach
the bright pinpoint.

Perhaps if you practice
regularly, you too
will learn to remember
the silences
and leap across the stage.
They say we can all be

© Anita Vasudeva, October 2006


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